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 Hahn Dae Soo is a man who has   experienced living in both South   Korea and New York City.  Nicknamed "the Korean John  Lennon" and "master of folk  rock", his art expresses his love  for his wife, his troubles with  the government, and his journey  with living in two different  countries. In the end, both New  York City and Korean culture   has turned Dae Soo into a   passionate individual, sharing  his knowledge with the world  through this talk show.

 As of now, Dae Soo has created  12 albums and frequently tours   internationally. Impressively,  his albums are in the top 100 in  Korea. Through blood, sweat, and  tears, Dae Soo won numerous  awards for his outstanding  contribution to the world of art.  Without a doubt, Dae Soo started  a new musical era for South  Koreans. 

 In addition to music and   photography, Dae Soo was also  a radio host for many years,  allowing him to gain additional  expertise in the art of  expression.




Other Works

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