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Hahn Dae Soo's MYNY


Dae Soo brings his knowledge of both New York and Korean cultures to the show and utilizes it to help introduce many talented musicians and

artists. With MY NY and MY NY Live, Dae Soo has also visited many locations including the well-known Guggenheim museum and Korean

Cultural Center, and hidden treasure spots in New York City. At these locations, Dae Soo and Lee interview both popular and underground New

York-based Korean artists and musicians.


Together, hosts Hahn Dae Soo and Han Lee unravel their intertwined stories about the various aspects of New York. Everyone knows that the

concrete jungle is the city of dreams, but few individuals really know the true culture of New York. We focus not only on the basics of New York, but also the one-of-a-kind experiences that New York City has to offer.

Since 2016, Dae Soo has been part of a studio talk show called MY NY Live. Each episode is live streamed on Youtube and Facebook and is also

available for listening through podcast streaming services after filming is completed.

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