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Hahn Dae Soo

Hahn Dae Soo is a South Korean folk rock singer and songwriter. 

Dae-Soo was born in Busan, South Korea. In 1958, Dae-Soo and his family moved to New York City, where he then attended elementary school at P.S. 125 in Harlem. Dae-Soo returned to Korea to attend junior high school and high school, and eventually moved back to the United States where he attended the university of New Hampshire for veterinary practice. 

Dae-Soo realized that veterinary practice was not the field for him and one year later transferred to New York Institute of Photography. It is there that Dae-Soo started to develop his talent and in 1968, began performing in South Korea's burgeoning folk scene. 

Dae-Soo produced two albums entitled Long-long Road and Rubber Shoes, which drew attention from the Park Chung Hee government. Dae-Soo was then exiled into new York City. 

Dae-Soo continues to work in the music industry and is often referred to as the 'Korean John Lennon'. 

View Dae-Soo's work below including links to his music, Facebook page, Youtube page and links to relevant work.

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